I didn’t know if anybody had put these two amazing photos together, but it had to be done. X

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watch both their faces go from “courteous TV smile” to “not paid enough for this bullshit”

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why does this have 32k notes? it’s just a picture of a knife in a ranch bottle, is there some unspoken joke that 32 thousand people share? what is going on here, i dont get it. it’s just a fucking picture of a knife in a ranch bottle. is there some spiritual connection people have to this picture? is there some ominous and mystical reasoning that this has 32 thousand notes? do people reblog this because it makes them look like some indie blogger? or is there just something funny to this? someone please explain

no one tell him

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I’m trying to come up with some witty remark but all I can think is: I’d rather be here with you.

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9/5/14 - Shay Mitchell at the Zimmermann Spring 2015 Fashion Show in NYC.

id do her so hard

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